Tips to make healthy cake

A cake is one thing of any party that is enjoyed by almost everyone who joins the celebrations. But the saturated fats, refined sugar content and hundreds of calories in each serving of the same cake makes it quite unhealthy for each person who eats it. Many of the bakery stores that offer best cakes in Dubai make sure of baking a cake with all the healthy ingredients as per requirements of the customers. They replace the all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour and sugar with fruit puree to not only reduce the calories, but also add healthy nutrients to the cake recipe, while making a delectable dessert.

Best Cakes in Dubai

Ginny’s or G’s is a famous bakery that sells best cakes in Dubai that are not only sumptuous, but also healthy to eat. In this article we shall be discussing a few tips to make a healthy cake given by professional bakers.

  • Replace half of the quantity of oil with apple sauce or mashed banana. when you add this type of fruit puree to the cake recipe, not only will you be able to bring down the calorie count and reduce the amount of saturated fats used, but also will make the recipe a healthier one.
  • You can further deduct a portion of the fat content with vegetable puree. According to the professionals, you can go with either sweet potato puree or pumpkin puree. These will add moisture to the cake just like fat, but will make it much more nutritious.
  • Of course, the all-purpose flour or the white flour that is generally used in cake baking process should be replaced with the same amount of whole wheat flour to make the cake healthy. You can also almond flour or spelt flour instead.
  • In place of dairy products like milk, cream, or butter that are loaded with fats, you should use almond or soy milk mixture for a healthier and richer taste. You must make use of unsweetened milk and avoid the large quantity of sugar in your cake. Use honey or agave nectar in place of sugar as sweeteners.

The substitution with all of the above mentioned healthy ingredients is the best way to bake a healthy cake.