Things to know about POSE weight loss procedure

If your weight loss goals are not achieved by the specific diet or workout, then a bariatric surgery can help you. However, if you are not much convinced with the fact that going under the knife can help you with a long term weight loss, then an incision less treatment for shedding those extra pounds can help you. Out of the many, the POSE or Primary Obesity Surgery Endoluminal procedure has become quite famous and is being opted by many people. The main ambition of this treatment is to reduce the stomach’s size and diminish food craving. In this article, we shall be discussing all the things including the benefits, the recovery time, and the cost of POSE surgery in Dubai

Pose weight loss surgery

POSE procedure

Acronym for Primary Obesity Surgery Endoluminal, POSE is an incision-less endoscopic procedure for weight loss that is performed on an outpatient basis in a clinic. In this, a flexible endoscope (a tube with a micro camera in the end) is inserted into the stomach through the mouth and with special tools to create a plication in the walls of the stomach and decrease its size. This further reduces the ability of the stomach to accommodate food and also decrease the hunger sensations. Thus you feel full even after consuming a small quantity of food.      `

Advantages of the POSE procedure

  •         Do not involve any cuts or incisions and therefore leaves no scars.
  •         Generally, takes an hour to be performed on an outpatient basis.
  •         Doesn’t take much time to recover and the person can resume his/her normal activities within a day or two.
  •         No or minimum risk and can be reversed if needed.

Recovery time

Being an outpatient treatment, people who undergo POSE treatment for weight loss do not take much time to recover. The majority leave the clinic the same day on which the procedure is performed and can resume their daily work within a day or two.

Cost and insurance coverage

Since the procedure is quite new in the medical field, your health insurance may not cover it. The average cost of POSE procedure in Dubai is around 63,000 DHS.

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