Steps To Groom Your Cat

Cat grooming in Dubai is gaining a lot of prominence. It has become a kind of identifier these days!  

While there are some salons offering Cat grooming in Dubai, one can do it by themselves. There are number of cat grooming products from shampoos to hair brushes to clippers. These products are available in pet stores.


For those who plan to groom their cats at home, here are the tips –

Brush its hair at least 3 times a week. Brushing the cat’s hair will ensure that the pet doesn’t have ticks or knots in the hair. You should use a metal or rubber comb for its hair.

Cats with long furry hair will have to go for trimming or hair clipping so the hair doesn’t get into its eyes, genitals or its anus and doesn’t turn messy.

The cat needs bathing at least once in one or two months. While the tongue and fur need to be cleaned regularly, you can give them a bath once in every two months. They will need total cleaning if they get dirty or sticky. There are separate cat shampoos available in the market. Use these mild shampoos to make the fur look healthy and shiny.

Visit a professional groomer at least once in 6 months. They will evaluate the cat’s total hygiene and will be able to direct you or give you tips to take care of it. The professional will also be able to identify if your cat is having skin problems and will help you handle it.

Grooming a cat is one of the most important steps for its hygiene and wellness. It needs regular grooming to stay fit. One can easily find cat grooming products in pet shops. Cat shampoos to cat brushes, there are tons of cat grooming products. For the best cat grooming products in Dubai, contact Value Pets.