Side effects of laser hair removal treatment

Laser treatment is generally done to remove the unwanted hair grown on your body. People usually undergo this treatment because it has the potential to permanently stop the growth of hair in places where you feel it’s growth is unnecessary. This convenience is the reason behind the growing popularity of laser hair removal treatment in Dubai.

I would say it’s both a boon and a bane. I call it the¬†boon because it burns the hair follicle deep from the root and stops the growth of hair where you feel it’s not necessary and bane because it has a few normal side effects such as itching on the treated area, redness, swelling of the skin and also swelling of hair follicles. These are minute side effects. However these side effects last till 2-3 days.

Clinics that offer laser hair removal treatment reveal that the treatment also causes some major side effects. This include a heavy pain during treatment. This may continue for a period of time even after the treatment is done.


The most serious problem is acne. This we can call it a major side effect. The other common problem is skin discolouration. The problem of acne is curable.

During laser treatment some numbing creams are used. These creams are in the form of gel. Numbing creams are applied on the part where the treatment is being done. They are said to be strong and dangerous and also have taken the lives of many people. Therefore we should be careful and get the cream which suits the skin type. These creams we get them at high cost.

Here is a quick list of the side effects of laser hair removal treatment in Dubai:

  • Laser energy causes hypopigmentation (lightening of skin) and hyperpigmentation (darkening of skin).
  • The energy emitted during laser might lead to eye injuries. Therefore, clinics that offer laser treatment in Dubai, make a point to give extra protection to your eyes during the process of laser treatment.
  • Itching. This is a very common side effect of laser hair removal treatment. It is experienced during and after the treatment.
  • After the laser hair removal treatment, the skin turns red for a few days and this redness is likely to turn into swelling around the follicle post the treatment.
  • Formation of scab around the treated area. The treatment leads to crusting and scabbing. People with sensitive skin also experience bruising.
  • Pain, tingling, and numbness after the laser treatment and it can be considered normal.
  • Another side effect of this is the¬†infection. This is a rare yet significant side effect of the treatment. Therefore, it is important to keep the treated area dry and clean.