Reasons to seek the help of a cardiologist

Your general physician suggested that you should make an appointment with the cardiologist? There could be several reasons why you would seek the help of Best cardiologist in Dubai.It could be because you have been experiencing few symptoms like chest pain or anxieties or for a family history of heart-related problems. It may be the best time to go ahead and fix an appointment with the best cardiologist in Dubai for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat

The first thing a doctor would do is probably listen to is your heart beat using a stethoscope at every single appointment, Whether it is the general health check up or if you’re running into an emergency room.

If your doctor manifests any irregularities in your heartbeat, it could be the heart beating too fast or beating out of sync. He or she will send the patient to cardiologist for an examination. This may include an EKG or another testing to get a better understanding of what your condition is.

History of Heart Disease

Do you have any family history of heart diseases? If the answer is yes, it’s always better to go see a cardiologist even if you are not experiencing any symptoms. You can go for regular heart health checkups and take preventive measures well in advance.

He or she can do more than just examine you and check for issues. Also, provide you but with some important information about conditions to which you are prone to in future.

Chest Pain

There could be many reasons for chest pain; it could be because of lifting heavy weights, gas etc. If you visit a doctor and explain to him that you are experiencing severe chest pain, he or she will recommend that you see a cardiologist. To know the exact reason for the chest pain, your doctor may prescribe you to go for a thorough examination of the heart. At this appointment, a series of diagnostic tests like the stress test, the 2D/3D echo will be run to find out exactly what your condition is and what needs to be done to make sure that you are okay.