Few techniques used for teeth whitening

Get that Sparkle

Imagine that embarrassing moment, when you’re made aware by a third person that you have yellowish teeth. Yellow teeth can not only hamper one’s confidence but also one’s personality. Sometimes, even brushing twice or thrice a day doesn’t solve the problem. It is triggered by the various solutions that we intake, like, coffee, soda, cola, etc. Therefore, dentists all over the world tried to put a halt to this misery. Now, long gone are those days when your self-confidence hit rock bottom, cause the techniques of teeth whitening, are being incorporated all over the world which are producing extraordinary results.

  • Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide– This method is considered as a natural teeth whitening technique. Hydrogen peroxide and baking powder are mixed together such that it forms a runny liquid. The mixture must be applied to the yellow portions of the teeth. Users claim that this method gives the desired results.


  • Coconut oil– Just when you thought about the limit of the innovativeness of the teeth whitening techniques, this method might have surprised you all. People are saying that the use of coconut oil are giving them the whiter shade that they want. All you have to do is, put a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth and rinse it or you can put a few drops on your brush and clean your teeth. It may sound a bit disgusting, but its worth a shot to get that sparkly smile.
  • Professional bleaching– Being one of the most commonest methods used worldwide, it produces every effective result. Your health’s compatibility to this method will be judged by your dentist. At first, a gel is applied to the gums for its protection, followed by a whitening paste which is applied to the teeth to produce the expected results.
  • Laser whitening– It is one of the most prominent techniques used for teeth whitening in Dubai. At first, a rubber layering is put on the gums for its protection, followed by a bleaching product which is painted on the teeth. ┬áThen a laser is illuminated in a direction which aims at the teeth. This system accelerates the whitening process. A huge difference can by seen after the process has been completed.

Thus, after trailing the techniques of teeth whitening, there lies no cause for moroseness, since solutions are now provided at the tip of our fingers.