Diabetes-Friendly Desserts

A person suffering with diabetes cannot eat dessert- it is totally a myth. According to diabetes educators, a diabetic has to watch over his/her carbohydrate intake and can enjoy desserts that cut down on carbs and sugar content. Many of the bakeries that offer the best cakes in Dubai also provide with diabetes friendly bakery delights for their customers.

Along with being delectable, the best cakes in Dubai can also be made in a diabetic friendly way by professional chefs. They include fruit based ingredients, hence providing you with more nutrients and fiber and making it healthy.

Besides cake, there are many other diabetes friendly desserts that you can easily make yourself and satisfy the diabetic sweet tooth. These include:

· Chocolate fruit salad
It is a very simple recipe that is made up of different fruits including a pear, an orange, half mango, a few strawberries, grapes and any other fruit that you like. Just chop each of these fruits in fine pieces and add them into a bowl. Add around 3 table spoon of yoghurt into the bowl and stir it well. Sprinkle sugar-free hot chocolate powder over the top and your chocolate fruit salad is ready to eat.

· Jello Fruit
Fruits are the best when it comes to satisfy the sweet requirement of a diabetic. To give these a dessert punch, you can add them to a sugar-free jello mix with boiling water and follow the instructions on the packet. Leave it to set. You can then eat it with fresh fruit or simply as it is.

· Peanut butter swirl chocolate brownies
If fruits do not quench your dessert desire, then this peanut butter swirl chocolate brownies will just do thing. When combined perfectly, a mixture of sugar free chocolates and peanut butter give an appropriate taste to these brownies for only about 150 calories per serving. The sugar is substituted with granulated sugar and the all-purpose flour is replaced with either soy flour, or whole wheat pastry flour, or whole grain oat flour.

G’s is one of the best bakery shops in Dubai, where you can order a specially made diabetic dessert to satisfy your taste buds, while being healthy and entirely sugar free.