Choosing Dubai for establishment of healthcare business

Due to the emerging market of medical practice and healthcare, Dubai has become an ideal place for entrepreneurship. Healthcare services not only involves medical facilities but also feel good and wellness clinics. Dubai has an excellent healthcare service for public and private streams. For starting a healthcare business in Dubai, one needs to obtain a professional license and trade permit from the department of economic development to conduct the business outside the free zone. And if you want to reap the benefits of a free zone then you have to approach Dubai healthcare city (DHCC) for LLCĀ  company formationĀ in Dubai.

LLC formation in Dubai

DHCC allows the advancement of the healthcare services and empowers you with the company formation in Dubai. DHCC can be split into two categories: The medical community and the wellness community. It is always advised to seek the consultancy services for proceeding with the licensing and registration process. There are several kinds of business in healthcare and wellness sectors that you may invest in. To let you know more about the various sectors involved we have elaborated some of the types of businesses which can be operated under Dubai healthcare city.

Types of healthcare business

  • Clinical Outpatient

This incorporates outpatient facility in the hospital with multi-specialties, outpatient surgical clinics, clinics with a single specialty, diagnostic centers, stem cell therapy center and pharmacy.

  • Clinical Inpatient

This incorporates specialty hospitals, general hospitals, nursing home, rehabilitation care, palliative care, geriatric care etc.

  • Healthcare Support

This includes medical billing services, medical coding, patient education services, medical transcription etc.

  • Healthcare Consultancy

It involves consultancy of healthcare architecture and engineering, healthcare medico legal consultancy, clinical research organization, consultancies of healthcare strategies and planning etc.

  • Occupational and technical skills

It includes training services for healthcare awareness, hospitality and tourism, and tourism training.

There are many more options as well and company formation in Dubai offers you low operating costs with state of art facilities and no bureaucracy involved. Hiring Adam Global as your advisory service for a stand out opinion. They can help you with giving you a detailed information about the various types of businesses in Dubai healthcare city.