All you need to know about colonoscopy

In the course of recent years we have made incredible advances in the finding of colon and rectal ailment. As per colonoscopy in Dubai, it can be a life-saving procedure prescribed by doctors that detects cancer. It is an easy and effective way to prevent colon cancer before it becomes deadly. By knowing what’s in store, it can mitigate any concerns there might be about going through the process. This procedure is routinely performed in an outpatient setting with sedation to make the patient comfortable and in fact, most patients have no idea that all the type of sedation used is called iv sedation and is not a general analgesic.

Polyps are one of the principle reasons the exam is preformed. They are generally expelled at the time of the study. These are little developments in the colon and most are asymptomatic, which means the patient and specialist can’t tell polyps are there until and unless the colonoscopy is preformed. After they have been present for a long time so it is vital that they are expelled to decrease this hazard. By eliminating these polyps we can cut back the hazard and the development of carcinoma. An ideal approach to treating this harm or malignancy is before it ever started and the system is safe and moderately easy to perform. This simple strategy could go far to reduce the danger of the advancement of this malignancy.

Who Should Have a Colonoscopy?

Men and Women who are 50 years old ought to be rehashed once every five to ten years until the age of 75. It might be important to have the procedure done more frequently, as per Colonoscopy Specialist in Dubai or Individuals which complications like-

  • Rectal bleeding
  • Diarrhea, ulcerative colitis
  • Chronic abdominal pain
  • Change in gut propensities looseness of the bowels/constipation
  • Anemia
  • Personal or family history of colon polyps
  • Family history of Colon cancer
  • History of inflammatory bowel disease