5 Tips To Take Care Of Senior Pets

Old age is something which is inevitable but with proper care and lifestyle age is just a number. Like humans, pets too get old and the old age affects their body and behaviour. Cats and Dogs have an average life-span of 18-20 years, which is comparable to human age at about 90-100 years. Senior pets are really like our own grandparents. Their health and dietary requirements are different from the younger pets. They need special care and attention. After the age of 8-10, your pet can be considered senior. Pet corner is an animal shop in Dubai, and supplies a vast range of pet products including animal foods, animal accessories, and pet medication. Here some tips to take care of your senior pets and keep them happy and kicking:

Regular Veterinary Health Checkups: With age your pet’s immunity becomes weaker. They become more prone to diseases as they get old. Veterinarians recommend that a pet’s health checkup should be conducted twice a year. Regular checkups help in keeping your pet secured against disease like arthritis, diabetes, allergy, dental disease, heart and kidney diseases etc

Appropriate diet: This is important because an improper diet can cause sever damage to your pet’s health. With age, metabolism functions change in your pet’s body affecting memory, learning and decision making. Thus consulting an age appropriate diet from a veterinarian to keep the nutrition in balance.


Keep track of changes in behaviour: Watch your pet’s behaviour closely, notice any changes. These changes are the best way to recognise symptoms of any disease and prepare for it in advance. Noticing their responses to your commands can help in better study of change of behaviour in your pet. Changes in appetite and water consumption are good indicators  for consulting your veterinarian

Keep your pet active: Proper exercises on a regular basis helps keep your pet’s body fit and minds clearer. Take your pet daily for a walk, to keep their senses  in perfect condition.  It pp Spend more time with your pet, keep him/her interested, happy and at ease.

A professional pet sitter: In case you cannot spend much time with your pet at home due to work, then employing a professional pet sitter for your senior pet is the best option. A professional pet sitter are trained in such a way that they know the requirements of a senior pets and can take the best possible care of your senior pet.

Thus, at old age pets require your companionship and support the most. Pet corner in Dubai the best pet care services in Dubai and is committed to delivering quality products for your pet’s health. Animal shop in Dubai provide consultation for all pet related issues.