5 Interior Painting Tips and Advice for healthcare organisation.

Do you have any thoughts about painting the walls of your house on your own? Well, great idea! Painting your walls can be fun and money saving. It will bring a chance to learn more about paints, walls, do’s and don’t’s to be kept in mind while painting and also enhances your skill in painting the walls. Before you go about your decision, here are some tips to make your journey smoother just as your walls.

  •       Quality matters

Paint color has more to do than just looking pretty on the wall. Choose quality products like Jotun paints in Dubai that deliver paints made with safety and health in consideration.

  •       It’s a matching game

Your paint should go well with your décor and furniture; else your house will look like a play school with multiple colors. Take the natural light in the room into consideration while choosing the color. Jotun Paints in Dubai offers a range of bright as well as subtle colors to suit every room. Using the variations in the same color while painting the room makes the room to look bigger than it is.

  •       Consistency shows on the wall

Remember when paint bucket finished, and you had to buy a new one? You felt a slight variance in color on your wall. Well, to solve that issue, it’s best to estimate the amount of paint you’d need for the wall, buying the amount and mixing it in a big bucket for a consistent paint that makes your guests go ‘wow.’

  •       Primetime

Filling the cracks and holes is palpable before painting, but it leaves blotches on that area of your wall making all your hard work go in vain. The filling imbues the paint and makes the wall look patchy. Jotun Paints in Dubai offer quality primers that lid the patch and help in smoother walls.

  •       Rolling along

Make sure to buy the best roller because it will last longer and give the best finish to your walls and. The 9” longer roller cover is suitable for walls and ceilings as the 4” one is for doors and furniture. The choice of roller cover also depends on the kind of surface of the wall you already have or want to create. A thicker roller will be suitable for a lemon peel look while a thin one will be apt for a smoother look.

As an end note, it is completely on you to paint your wall yourself or to call a professional, but just remember to choose quality over other factors because you don’t paint your house every day.