Top 5 reasons behind the tyre wear

Tyre wear is a very common issue when it comes to the maintenance of your vehicle. Replacing the tires frequently is a costly business. You should be well aware of buying tyres online in DubaiĀ  so that you can maintain them properly to sustain longer and to save replacing your tires on such a regular basis. Here are some common causes of tire wear, which you can avoid.

Low tire pressure

Having the pressure too low causes excessive wear and tear to the edges of the car tires, which will shorten their life, using more fuel. Also, over inflating the tires causes unpredictable handling. Always make sure the tire pressure is at optimum. Remember to check the tire pressure when they are cold. Checking after a drive causes the tires to heat which gives an incorrect reading.

Harsh driving habits

Rough or harsh driving is one of the major causes that damage tires. If you drive fast and break harshly or speed up your car too quickly, these factors are highly responsible for tires wear out. Also, road humps, mini-roundabouts or hitting the kerb can damage tires. Drive carefully to protect your tires.

No regular maintenance and service

No regular services or maintenance can lead your tire to poor conditions causing uneven wear, bulges, bumps or cuts in the tread of the tire. In such condition, the tire could give out at any moment especially when driving at high speeds. A regular service is important to ensure your tires are in good condition.

Brake Dust

This usually occurs due to friction between brake discs and brake pads. The brake dust can cause problems to tires as it can erode the protective coating of the tire. To avoid this, fit low dust brake pads, dust shields, and wash the tires on a regular basis.

Exposure to sun

Sunlight is not good for rubber and exposure to harsh sunlight will make your tires develop cracks. Invest in a cover for your tires if parking outside, and try to avoid parking in direct sunlight if possible.

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