Benefits of Hiring Insurance Broker

To buy an insurance policy, whether it is life insurance, motor insurance, or health insurance, you can look for a reliable insurance agent or insurance brokers in Dubai. While both of them have their own advantages, it is often noticed that an insurance broker can prove to be a good choice. You can easily find the cheapest insurance premium sold by a broker in your area online. Here in this article we shall discuss a few of the major benefits of hiring a broker for purchasing an insurance policy.


  •         Work for you: since an insurance broker is not anyhow bound to any of the insurance companies, a broker has the freedom to select the best deal for you. After analysing all your specific needs and requirements, he/she would then recommend the best coverage for you.
  •         Experienced professionals: since an insurance broker deals with a wide range of insurance products and services every day, he/she has a good and updated knowledge about every new thing in the insurance industry. Moreover they are very qualified and are generally experienced professionals to guide you through the claim process, which is often confusing. An insurance broker’s firm usually represent one or more reputed and registered insurance companies.
  •         Registered and licensed: each of the insurance brokers in UAE needs to have a valid licence and registration with authorities. Only the Insurance Authority Board of Directors regulates the profession of insurance brokerage here. Therefore you can be sure that you are dealing with genuine people who will correctly guide you about the apt insurance policy that suits your requirements.
  •         Full disclosure on commission rates: the broker that you hire for getting insurance will fully disclose the commission rate that he/she would charge, and also how it will be affecting your insurance premiums. The premiums of the insurance that you pay includes the broker’s compensation too, which will be revealed to you at the time of your policy purchase. Thus you can make a better policy choice.

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Things to know about POSE weight loss procedure

If your weight loss goals are not achieved by the specific diet or workout, then a bariatric surgery can help you. However, if you are not much convinced with the fact that going under the knife can help you with a long term weight loss, then an incision less treatment for shedding those extra pounds can help you. Out of the many, the POSE or Primary Obesity Surgery Endoluminal procedure has become quite famous and is being opted by many people. The main ambition of this treatment is to reduce the stomach’s size and diminish food craving. In this article, we shall be discussing all the things including the benefits, the recovery time, and the cost of POSE surgery in Dubai

Pose weight loss surgery

POSE procedure

Acronym for Primary Obesity Surgery Endoluminal, POSE is an incision-less endoscopic procedure for weight loss that is performed on an outpatient basis in a clinic. In this, a flexible endoscope (a tube with a micro camera in the end) is inserted into the stomach through the mouth and with special tools to create a plication in the walls of the stomach and decrease its size. This further reduces the ability of the stomach to accommodate food and also decrease the hunger sensations. Thus you feel full even after consuming a small quantity of food.      `

Advantages of the POSE procedure

  •         Do not involve any cuts or incisions and therefore leaves no scars.
  •         Generally, takes an hour to be performed on an outpatient basis.
  •         Doesn’t take much time to recover and the person can resume his/her normal activities within a day or two.
  •         No or minimum risk and can be reversed if needed.

Recovery time

Being an outpatient treatment, people who undergo POSE treatment for weight loss do not take much time to recover. The majority leave the clinic the same day on which the procedure is performed and can resume their daily work within a day or two.

Cost and insurance coverage

Since the procedure is quite new in the medical field, your health insurance may not cover it. The average cost of POSE procedure in Dubai is around 63,000 DHS.

To contact the best bariatric surgeon in Dubai, Dr.Juneja  about the POSE procedure visit the website today.


Choosing Dubai for establishment of healthcare business

Due to the emerging market of medical practice and healthcare, Dubai has become an ideal place for entrepreneurship. Healthcare services not only involves medical facilities but also feel good and wellness clinics. Dubai has an excellent healthcare service for public and private streams. For starting a healthcare business in Dubai, one needs to obtain a professional license and trade permit from the department of economic development to conduct the business outside the free zone. And if you want to reap the benefits of a free zone then you have to approach Dubai healthcare city (DHCC) for LLC  company formation in Dubai.

LLC formation in Dubai

DHCC allows the advancement of the healthcare services and empowers you with the company formation in Dubai. DHCC can be split into two categories: The medical community and the wellness community. It is always advised to seek the consultancy services for proceeding with the licensing and registration process. There are several kinds of business in healthcare and wellness sectors that you may invest in. To let you know more about the various sectors involved we have elaborated some of the types of businesses which can be operated under Dubai healthcare city.

Types of healthcare business

  • Clinical Outpatient

This incorporates outpatient facility in the hospital with multi-specialties, outpatient surgical clinics, clinics with a single specialty, diagnostic centers, stem cell therapy center and pharmacy.

  • Clinical Inpatient

This incorporates specialty hospitals, general hospitals, nursing home, rehabilitation care, palliative care, geriatric care etc.

  • Healthcare Support

This includes medical billing services, medical coding, patient education services, medical transcription etc.

  • Healthcare Consultancy

It involves consultancy of healthcare architecture and engineering, healthcare medico legal consultancy, clinical research organization, consultancies of healthcare strategies and planning etc.

  • Occupational and technical skills

It includes training services for healthcare awareness, hospitality and tourism, and tourism training.

There are many more options as well and company formation in Dubai offers you low operating costs with state of art facilities and no bureaucracy involved. Hiring Adam Global as your advisory service for a stand out opinion. They can help you with giving you a detailed information about the various types of businesses in Dubai healthcare city.

Botox injections: a new way to lose weight

Botox is one of the main chemical used to give you a wrinkle free, evenly toned skin. For those of you, who are aware of this and only this purpose of this chemical, must read this article, as scientists have recently discovered a new way of utilizing Botox and adding to its benefits. They have found that when Botox is injected in your stomach, you actually do not feel hungry very often and this aids in the reduction of your weight. Known as the Endoscopic Gastric Botox, in Dubai, it is becoming one of the most popular non-surgical weight loss procedure. Let us take a look at a few things that should be known before undertaking this procedure.

Endoscopic Gastric Botox

What it is and how does it work?

In the procedure of Endoscopic Gastric Botox in Dubai, Botox (botulinum toxin that is used to smooth facial wrinkles) is injected inside your stomach by a gastroenterologist using an endoscope. The endoscope carrying the Botox is guided to your stomach through the mouth. The chemical relaxes the stomach muscles and blocks the nerve (the vagus nerve to be exact) that controls your hunger. Eventually, you feel full quickly and satiated for a longer time. And because the food consumption reduces after the procedure, you lose quite enough of weight.  

How long does it take to be done and recover?

The procedure happens to be performed on an outpatient basis. Since the entire procedure is endoscopically performed, it takes around 15 to 20 minutes to be completed. You can go home after taking the Endoscopic Gastric Botox in a Dubai clinic and go home immediately after it. The further benefit of this treatment is that you can resume your daily activities the very next day of the treatment. This is a quick procedure for weight loss and you can see weight loss results within 10 days or a week.

Is it safe?

The Botox injection is a great option for all those who want to lose 10 to 30 pounds. Although once injected, its effect lasts for three to six months, but the procedure can be repeated if needed. It is safe and can only possibly cause a mild sore throat as an effect of endoscopy.

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Reasons to seek the help of a cardiologist

Your general physician suggested that you should make an appointment with the cardiologist? There could be several reasons why you would seek the help of Best cardiologist in Dubai.It could be because you have been experiencing few symptoms like chest pain or anxieties or for a family history of heart-related problems. It may be the best time to go ahead and fix an appointment with the best cardiologist in Dubai for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat

The first thing a doctor would do is probably listen to is your heart beat using a stethoscope at every single appointment, Whether it is the general health check up or if you’re running into an emergency room.

If your doctor manifests any irregularities in your heartbeat, it could be the heart beating too fast or beating out of sync. He or she will send the patient to cardiologist for an examination. This may include an EKG or another testing to get a better understanding of what your condition is.

History of Heart Disease

Do you have any family history of heart diseases? If the answer is yes, it’s always better to go see a cardiologist even if you are not experiencing any symptoms. You can go for regular heart health checkups and take preventive measures well in advance.

He or she can do more than just examine you and check for issues. Also, provide you but with some important information about conditions to which you are prone to in future.

Chest Pain

There could be many reasons for chest pain; it could be because of lifting heavy weights, gas etc. If you visit a doctor and explain to him that you are experiencing severe chest pain, he or she will recommend that you see a cardiologist. To know the exact reason for the chest pain, your doctor may prescribe you to go for a thorough examination of the heart. At this appointment, a series of diagnostic tests like the stress test, the 2D/3D echo will be run to find out exactly what your condition is and what needs to be done to make sure that you are okay.

Most popular electronics in Dubai for health

Electronics in Dubai are significantly cheaper as compared to other countries. This is the reason why a lot of people opt to buy them from Dubai stores. The latest trend is to dubai online shopping. This way you can get incredible discounts and freebies.

There are a lot of online electronic shopping stores coming up in Dubai. This is because of the number of people wanting to buy electronics online. Most e-commerce sites offer highly reliable services along with heavy discounts. This is the reason why there is an increase in e-commerce sites.

online shopping electronics in dubai

  • Mobile phones: These are the most common electronics that are sold in heaps all over the world. Even in this second, someone is purchasing a smartphone somewhere. These are the most sold electronics in Dubai, especially Apple products.
  • Smart watches: People are fancying these products the most! These simple watches let them do much more than just checking out the time. There is an increasing number of people opting to buy them to make their tasks easy.
  • Fitness trackers: These gadgets are in trend now! A lot of young people who don’t find a lot of time to workout and keep in shape are turning to these devices for motivation. They make it fun and everyone is loving them.
  • Digital cameras: What is more satisfying than a digital camera? With the increase in media sharing social platforms, the craze for digital cameras too has increased and it is only getting bigger!
  • Gaming consoles: The greatest craving amongst boys and young adults! Gaming consoles are in demand in all seasons. People prefer to buy them online because of the variety and the number of options, not to forget the huge discounts.

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Cupcake Recipe For Kids and Students

Cupcakes are something no one can ever resist, especially kids! A cupcake is the best way to make a person’s day. It is colorful and melts in the mouth. There are a lot of shops and boutiques that offer the best cupcakes and cakes in Dubai. However, the real taste and happiness comes when they are made at home.


According to the places that offer the best cakes in Dubai, it is the children that show a lot of interest in baking and keep asking recipes. Here are a few easy cupcake recipes for all such enthu-kids –

  1. Lemon cupcakes – Sift all-purpose flour, baking powder, and salt in a bowl and keep aside. In another bowl, mix cream butter and sugar until fluffy, add eggs and lemon zest. Add the two mixtures to make a fine batter. Fold it to make it fluffy. Fill this mixture in cupcake molds and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.  Let it cool for 5 minutes before serving.
  2. Chocolate cupcakes – Sift cocoa, all-purpose flour, baking powder, and salt in a bowl and keep it aside. In another bowl, mix cream butter and sugar until fluffy, add eggs and vanilla essence. Add the two mixtures to make a fine batter. Fill this mixture in cupcake molds and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.  
  3. Pineapple cupcakes – Take a bowl and add coconut cream, coconut milk and sugar. Beat until smooth. In a different bowl, add vegetable oil and egg and beat flour. Mix flour, baking powder, and salt, and add this mix to the egg and mixture. Then add pineapple purée. Now, fold the two mixtures together. Fill the batter in cupcake molds and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.

One can try a variety of cupcake recipes and in case you are not in a mood to experiment baking, drive to Ginny’s to indulge in the finest bakery delicacies.


What Gastroenterologists Do?

Gastroenterology is the study of the diseases associated to the stomach and intestines. The subject of gastroenterology in Dubai was very commonly pursued. Hence, Dubai has the most experienced gastroenterologists till date.

Gastroenterologist have years of studying and training, before they are officially allowed to clinically perform.  They are among the most knowledgeable doctors, which undergo intense study on various instruments by expert instructors. They have a combination of knowledge as well as skill and the capacity to apply this into their clinical practices in order to provide proper diagnosis for the patients. Gastroenterology in Dubai is widely studied because of the best study program and practice.

Gastroenterologists mainly diagnose the disease related to the GI (Gastro Intestinal) tract and treat them. However, they are not trained to perform any kind of surgery, which is the job of the GI surgeon. Yet, they are extremely skilful and can do various procedures, like:

  1.   Colonoscopy: Is a common procedure where a long tube, along with a camera is inserted into the rectum in order to detect colorectal cancer.
  2.   Endoscopic Ultrasound: Similarly, a tube with a camera is inserted into the body part of interest. This can be used to diagnose diseases of the upper or lower GI tract. For instance, organs like the pancreas, esophagus, colon, rectum, stomach and the bile ducts can be observed.
  3.      Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP): A biopsy is conducted in order to detect any disease present in the bile duct.
  4.   Liver Biopsy: is a basic test where a tissue of the liver is excised. This is then examined under microscopes to detect any sort of damage or disease that may be present.
  5.   Sigmoidoscopies: is a procedure used with a help of sigmoidoscope to check for diseases related to the colon or large intestine. This can help find problems like diarrhoea, abdominal pain, polyps, constipation etc.

Along with conducting these tests, the gastroenterologists will have to first, prepare the patient for the tests. By explaining the procedure, he will be ready for the diagnostic tests conducted.

In Dubai, the most professional set of Gastroenterologists are present in the LapSurgery clinic.


Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Eliminating unwanted hair has had some controversy over the years. As technology advances it is easier to accept that procedures such as Waxing, shaving, plucking, etc., are all temporary hair removal methods. But if you are looking for a more permanent method for body hair removal try best laser hair removal in are some benefits of Laser Hair Removal-

Sparing cash – Although best laser hair removal treatment in Dubai may appear to be costly, it’s perpetual, so when you include the cost of what you spend over a lifetime, on shaving, waxing, epilator or hair removal creams, it turns into an incredible speculation.

Sparing some time – now you don’t have to spend time on weekly shaving or monthly waxing, you will have loads of extra time for other activities. You will no longer have to spend your lunch hour having your bikini line waxed and you can invest less time and energy in the shower, now you don’t need to shave your armpits and legs.

Reestablishes self-confidence – Unwanted hair in undesirable spots would take a toll on the self-esteem, whether it’s a man with an excessive hairy back or chest or a woman with embarrassing facial hair. Expelling hair with lasers can be the best option to away the undesirable hair and enable you to get back that lost confidence.

Enhances skin texture – Removing your hair with laser treatment can give leave you with much smoother and silkier skin than any other hair removal strategies.

Laser treatment isn’t an instant solution; the hair won’t disappear right after the first treatment. For the most part, you will require 6 settings, within a gap of 4-6 weeks, which can result in about 80% of hair removal. Contingent upon which region you are treating, it would take from 10 minutes for the upper lip, to 45 minutes for the back.

People experience negligible distress and pain in some cases; some may encounter a minor stinging sensation on the skin. By applying a topical anesthetic cream, one can benefit and feel more comfortable.For more details visit

Tips to make healthy cake

A cake is one thing of any party that is enjoyed by almost everyone who joins the celebrations. But the saturated fats, refined sugar content and hundreds of calories in each serving of the same cake makes it quite unhealthy for each person who eats it. Many of the bakery stores that offer best cakes in Dubai make sure of baking a cake with all the healthy ingredients as per requirements of the customers. They replace the all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour and sugar with fruit puree to not only reduce the calories, but also add healthy nutrients to the cake recipe, while making a delectable dessert.

Best Cakes in Dubai

Ginny’s or G’s is a famous bakery that sells best cakes in Dubai that are not only sumptuous, but also healthy to eat. In this article we shall be discussing a few tips to make a healthy cake given by professional bakers.

  • Replace half of the quantity of oil with apple sauce or mashed banana. when you add this type of fruit puree to the cake recipe, not only will you be able to bring down the calorie count and reduce the amount of saturated fats used, but also will make the recipe a healthier one.
  • You can further deduct a portion of the fat content with vegetable puree. According to the professionals, you can go with either sweet potato puree or pumpkin puree. These will add moisture to the cake just like fat, but will make it much more nutritious.
  • Of course, the all-purpose flour or the white flour that is generally used in cake baking process should be replaced with the same amount of whole wheat flour to make the cake healthy. You can also almond flour or spelt flour instead.
  • In place of dairy products like milk, cream, or butter that are loaded with fats, you should use almond or soy milk mixture for a healthier and richer taste. You must make use of unsweetened milk and avoid the large quantity of sugar in your cake. Use honey or agave nectar in place of sugar as sweeteners.

The substitution with all of the above mentioned healthy ingredients is the best way to bake a healthy cake.